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And again in english ^_^

Yeah, the exam was easy ^_^ Wrote a total of 393 words... Not very much for two hours of writing, but I think it's enough, I hope I get a good mark for this... At least a good C, but certainly more ^-^ And the German-exam tomorrow got... err.... verschoben xD (Sorry for that, my vocabulary is not the best xD) Thats very cool, because now I have much more time to learn....(not that I would do anything like that xD)

But hey, who wants to read about school in his freetime? Me certainly not, so lets change the subject.... Erm... Yeah... So let's talk about... Licorice xD It tastes really great, but... Nothing else tastes good after you ate some licorice xD I hate this aftertaste ~.~ I generally hate aftertastes >_< Well, maybe in some cases it's nice, but most times it sucks :P But back to licorice: There is another problem... It's made with gelatine :P And most sorts are made with animally gelatine, so I always have to look after sorts, which are made with herbal gelatine like "Agar-agar". Interesting? Of course not. But I simply had to write something xD

Sorry for wasting your time, I'm off ^_^

PS: What do yo think of my English? Any improvement-suggestions? I'm hoping for your feedback ^_^

7.2.07 21:27

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clowdy-a / Website (9.2.07 19:41)
Hello! ^^
Well, I understand you without any problems and I think english people would do, too, and that's what's important, right? xD But I don't know ... does the word "aftertaste" exist in the english language?? xDD

Bye! ^^/ Claudia ^^

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